June 22, 2014

Practicing painting digitally

One of my favorite artists is Mike Mitchell and I love his style. It’s got this painterly feel to it and while I’ve tried painting digitally in the past, it never turned out too well. I recently purchased some awesome Photoshop brushes by the amazing Kyle Webster and decided to give it another go.

I actually tried using the brushes when I first bought them last night and immediately felt overwhelmed. I got pissed off that my work looked like shit so I started over a few thousand times. I popped open some YouTube videos and DeviantArt tutorials to see if there was something I was missing. There was, mother-effing blending!


So simple yet I was just frustrated and overthinking it. I finally decide to paint the little Mandrake sketch I did. It’s from the game, Mercenary Kings. I always liked the little mandrakes because they were so cute. I think this turned out pretty well. I used one oil brush to give myself some practice. Maybe I’ll try the other ones next time!


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