Archangel: Hellfire

Studio  /  Skydance Interactive

Role  /  Senior UI/UX Designer

Visit  /  Online


Hellfire is the free multiplayer PVP DLC to Archangel VR and I was brought on to help update the mech HUDs and menus for multiplayer. We wanted the UI to resemble the one from the single-player game but with a little bit more flexibility. We had a co-development team helping us with Archangel: Hellfire so the majority of my time spent on the project was developing the new user experience for multiplayer and providing direction for the co-dev team to implement. Below is a few 2D examples of how I wanted to keep the game recognizable for those players coming from the single-player but still being able to update the look and feel a bit.

In Hellfire, we start you off the in hangar where you are standing at the feet of the giant mechs. Naturally, this is the perfect spot for a start menu! I found these 2D mock-ups to be super helpful especially when collaborating on a team without a dedicated UI person. The interactions were already set by the first game (physically jutting your hand into the button and gripping to interact) so I couldn’t change that.

After selecting the mode you want to play and connecting with other players, you are taken to the Map Selection screen and the Mech Selection screen right at the start. The semi-transparent background in the Mech Selection screen actually wraps around the player.

Different teams (USFF/HUMNX) each had different color user-interfaces so that both players and spectators knew which factions they were fighting for. Each mech also had UI that was slightly tailored to the shape of their screen. At the end of the match, players are taking to the report which breaks down their own stats as well as their teammates and the opposing players.


You can see a lot of the UI in action by watching this awesome video by Youtuber, Nathie: